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AccuSharp 030C Rod Sharpener Hand Held Diamond Sharpener Black Overmolded Rubber Handle Steel

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The AccuSharp Diamond Rod Sharpener is an unbreakable diamond-coated steel rod used to sharpen all kinds of knives, including serrated edges. The retractable rod is engineered with a cone-shaped end for use on serrations and tight spaces. The diamond-coated steel rod also has sharpening grooves for use with all kinds of hooks, darts and pointed objects and comes complete with a shirt pocket clip for easy storage. Grit Level- Diamond Rod 280. *Note- Product comes with one diamond coated rod. Image displayed shows both tapered and round rod for a visual representation.
Open Length
Handle Description Black Overmolded Rubber
Sharpener Material Diamond
Sharpener Type
Closed Length

Rating: (5)

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EXLnPZDldGHWUwvI by vjzkscxpdwetr, 05/01/2024 KtyVQAZWmwDszfL

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